Reclaim These Streets vigil to be held in St Albans

Many candle flames glowing in the dark, create a spiritual atmosphere

A vigil is to be held in St Albans tomorrow (March 13) in light of the disappearance of 33-year-old Sarah Everard - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A vigil is to be held tomorrow in the centre of St Albans in the wake of the kidnap and suspected murder of Sarah Everard.

Inspired by the Reclaim These Streets vigil planned for tomorrow in Clapham Common, near where 33-year-old Sarah was last seen, organisers have made provision for a safe space to gather peacefully in St Albans for reflection and activism.

Sarah Everard vanished on her walk home from a friend’s house in Clapham on the evening of March 3.

A serving Met police officer has been arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Organisers of the Clapham vigil are expected in High Court after police said gatherings would be "unlawful", in light of current COVID-19 restrictions.

St Albans organiser Shannon Bridle, with the support of MP Daisy Cooper, is encouraging attendees of our city's event to observe social distancing and to wear masks a to ensure the safety of those involved and the wider community.

Shannon said: "I made [the event] because I thought, even if it's just me sat there, maybe someone else will see it and come by, or at least know there's other women in the area that care."

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She added that women are heavily affected by coronavirus on top of the multitude of women's issues raised in light of Sarah's disappearance, and is happy to have the support of her community, especially Daisy Cooper.

"It's mind boggling, but also unsurprising!

"She's a woman, so she completely understands why this is important, and to be there, not only as a woman but representing her constituents is amazing. It's all you can ask for of your local representative."

Those wishing to attend are asked to gather on St Peter's Street, outside St Albans Museum + Gallery, at 6pm tomorrow (Saturday, March 13). Vigil goers are also welcomed to bring signs, candles and lights.

You can register your interest in the vigil by visiting the Facebook event page.