St Albans Muslims hold inclusive events for Ramadan

The call was made live from St Albans town hall on the first day of Ramadan.

The call was made live from St Albans town hall on the first day of Ramadan. - Credit: The Big Iftar

St Albans residents can take part in the Muslim festival of Ramadan by fasting for a day.

Those taking part in the Big Iftar event on May 4 will receive an Iftar pack, which includes goodies to help you start your fast and break your fast. 

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims learn more about themselves both spiritually and mentally and believe they reap the rewards of fasting. The idea is it enables them to become more appreciative of what they have in life.

The fast starts at 3.47am and means going without food and drink, including water.

Participants will break their fast at 8.34pm with a meal when they hear the Muslim call to prayer on Facebook Live. 

Various Big Iftar events and activities are run being held  throughout the city.

April 30 - Paper Lantern workshop online and a short talk by Moulana Muhith from London Coloney Islamic Centre on Ramadan;

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May 1 - Lantern Chalk walk with Herts Chalk Walk;

May 6 - Moon walk with St Albans Rainbow Trails;

May 11 - Adhan from city centre marking the close or Ramadan and Eid street market;

May 12 - Eid ul Fitr - Eid in the Park will round off the holy month with Eid prayers in Verulamium Park. Participants are required to bring their own prayer mats and maintain good social distance etiquette.

For more information and to join the above events visit