Radlett residents unite against garden-grabbing development

Founders of Radlett Against Garden Grabbing (RAGG) Julie Rogers and Graham Goodkind oppose plans to

Founders of Radlett Against Garden Grabbing (RAGG) Julie Rogers and Graham Goodkind oppose plans to build in gardens on Homefield Road. - Credit: Photo supplied

AFTER losing their rag over garden-grabbing property developers, Radlett residents have set up an action group to highlight what they say is a threat to blight the village.

Local homeowners have launched Radlett Against Garden Grabbing (RAGG) which aims to retain the unique character and ambience of the area.

RAGG chairman Graham Goodkind, of Loom Lane, said residents were concerned as “over-zealous property developers are trying to build on what seems like every square foot of land possible”.

He said an example of the problem was a planning application to “cram” three two-storey houses into the back gardens of two existing homes at 47 and 49 Homefield Road in Radlett, recently submitted to Hertsmere borough council by Zen Developments.

Graham said: “The garden-grabbing plan in Homefield Road is the straw that has broken the camel’s back for many Radlett residents.

“Having a total of five houses where only two currently exist would be really alarming if Zen’s plans are approved.

“If this trend is allowed to continue then the essence of what makes Radlett a special place to live will be lost for ever.”

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Singer Julie Rogers, a recipient of the British Musical Society’s lifetime achievement award who lives on The Ridgeway and is a RAGG committee member, urged residents to join the action group.

She added: “I have lived in Radlett for over 20 years and the recent trend for garden grabbing by property developers is the biggest threat to the charm and character of the area I have witnessed in my many happy years living in Radlett.”

Graham said that residents were being, “bombarded by correspondence and advertising from property developers and agents who do not even live in Radlett, urging them to consider selling their gardens.”

For example locals recently received a property “market report” from an agent asking residents to contact him if they had a “sizeable garden that might be surplus to your requirements”. The agent added: “You may be sitting on more than you think.”

For more information see www.facebook.com/SupportRAGG or follow the group on Twitter: @SupportRAGG