Radlett entrepreneur crafts Brexit-themed vodka


Brexitovka. - Credit: Archant

A Radlett entrepreneur has forsaken a career in the city to sell his own Brexit-themed vodka.

Przemek Skwirczynski gave up his job at Credit Suisse to exploit a gap in the vodka and Brexit market.

The result was Brexitovka.

Przemek said: “Rather than join the fast expanding craft gin industry, my idea was to produce craft vodka as there is a relative niche in the market for premium English vodka, which is set to become even more pronounced upon Brexit, given the likely future import duties on the EU vodkas.

“I decided to call the vodka Brexitovka in the old East European tradition of having occasional vodkas.”

The spirit was launched at the UKIP conference in February, and is the first spirit to reference Brexit.

Radlett was one of the more interesting voting areas in the referendum.

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It falls within the Hertsmere constituency, which voted by a slight 1.6 per cent margin to leave the EU in the referendum last year.

However, in a poll of Radlett people by the website Radlett Wire, the majority of respondents voted to remain.

The division in the constituency makes Przmek’s conciliatory slogan “Celebrate Brexit in style or drown your sorrows with Brexitovka” very fitting.

To find out more about Brexitovka, visit www.brexitovka.com