Radlett EastEnders editor loses five stone with diet

WHEN it comes to lights, camera, action, a once overweight EastEnders video editor used to struggle with the latter part of the well-known phrase because he had trouble even putting his socks on.

However, a determined Steve Young has inspired others after losing a whopping five stone – considerably more than a pair of Pat Evans’ hefty earrings and a feat worthy of a round at the Queen Vic in the BBC soap.

Steve, a video editor at the BBC Elstree studios, started attending Slimming World at the Radlett Village Institute, Watling Street, in February 2011 after being fed up with having no energy.

He said: “Weight creeps up on you and you don’t realise what it’s doing to you until you start to lose it. Only then do you realise what it has been doing to you physically and mentally.”

The 50 year old described going from wearing size 44 clothes to size 38 as, “like discovering a whole new world.”

He added: “It’s one of those things when you reach 50 and think, if I don’t lose weight, I may die young.”

Steve said that apart from exercising regularly he lost weight by not eating “rubbish”.

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His advice to others who attempt to lose weight and give up soon after was to persist as their efforts will soon be recognised by others. Steve explained: “You may not get results in the first month or two but after a while things start to fit and that is your incentive.”

Steve is planning to do his first parachute jump this summer, as he now runs several times a week around the studio and at the BBC gym. His colleagues have been supportive and are impressed with his transformation, especially as Steve has managed to avoid the temptation of biscuits and cakes at work.

Slimming World Radlett consultant Abbie Alter described his weight loss as dramatic and said: “He is very inspiring to other people. Steve said to one member: ‘If you lose one stone, I will take you to the set myself and show you around’.”

Abbie explained that apart from exercising, Steve had managed to lose weight by planning his meals ahead. Another member of the group has lost an impressive three stone.