Audience directs actors in play about planning at council-run event in Radlett

The Radlett Centre.

The Radlett Centre. - Credit: Archant

An audience at the Radlett Centre became directors for a day, or at least an evening, in a play about planning.

Around 100 people attended the Making a Difference event organised by Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership and Aldenham Parish Council.

At the event, audience members directed members of the Arc Theatre as the audience reacted to plans for new housing developments.

The positives and negatives of living in Radlett were also discussed, with the big positives being the proximity to London, feelings of safety, sports and community facilities, a sense of community, and its thriving artistic, cultural and religious organisations.

Among the negatives were the need for affordable housing, traffic, parking, the need for another secondary school and the existence of gated communities.

Participants said of the meeting: “More meetings such as this one and including more residents, so ideas and complaints can be raised.”

“Let us look for improvement, but recognise it’s a great place here and now.”

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“Sharing more good news and work that’s going on, not just negatives.”

“Good to discuss things but we need to be listened to!”

“We need to co-operate with each other to facilitate change.”

“Try to encourage younger people to get involved.”

Hertsmere Borough Council’s community safety officer Valerie Kane said: “The council, like other public service bodies, has limited resources and so events like this are vital if we want to continue to serve the needs and aspirations of our communities.

“While Radlett has a wide range of opinion and feeling, I think this event highlighted how much people have in common.

“Hopefully it will encourage more people to think about what improvements they could bring about, however small, that could make a difference to our lives.

“From these early conversations, we hope will spring real, positive change.”

Aldenham parish councillor Estelle Samuelson said: “The interactive play gave people an opportunity to discuss local issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Looking at the evaluation forms completed on the night it appears most of those who attended felt it was a worthwhile experience.”