Protesters march through St Albans to show support for NHS

The national march to save the NHS went through St Albans

The national march to save the NHS went through St Albans - Credit: Debbie White/Archant

About 100 protesters voiced their support for the NHS as they marched through St Albans last Friday (5).

Campaigners met in the city centre before embarking on the penultimate leg of a 300-mile-long march, to raise awareness about our health services.

Dubbed 999 Call for the NHS, the march started in August, in Jarrow, and finished at the weekend in London.

Among those marching through St Albans, playing accordians, were Alison Heywood and Alison MacFarlane who said they wanted to show solidarity with those supporting the NHS.

Ian LaRiviere, of Park Street, added: “I’m here to support the cause because if we lose the NHS, we will lose a national treasure – we don’t want to be like America.”

GMB, the union for NHS staff, said the march, which was organised by a group of mums, sent a clear message to politicians that people are willing to fight for public health services.

Protest organisers have recently set up an e-petition, already signed by more than 4,700 people, demanding that leaders of all political parties hold a public debate on the NHS before the next general election.

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They have also asked leaders to publish plans showing how parties intend financing the NHS for 2015-20.