Get buzzy in half term with rewilding project

Fiona Booy shows you have to make your clay bee and delivers the materials for you to do it.

St Albans potter Fiona Booy devised the project. - Credit: Fiona Booy

A St Albans potter has teamed up with a landscape and grounds company to launch a rewilding project for local families this half term.

Bee Wild! is a community initiative which combines creativity and ecology by boosting the number of  pollinators across the district through a series of clay and wildflower seed projects. 

It all started when Fiona Booy, founder of St Albans Pottery had all her 2020 workshops and exhibitions cancelled.

Instead of attending those, she set up her own YouTube channel and began the Make-at- Home pottery club. She now delivers clay kits around St Albans, supporting over 200 local families with almost 30 tutorial videos.

Make-your-own-bees is the first of the Bee Wild! projects and is being launched in time for half term. Fiona describes it as "an easy-to-follow YouTube video detailing how to make clay bees and fill them with wildflower seeds. 

These are then left to dry, before being placed in gardens, verges and wild spaces. As spring evolves, so too will the flowers grow, thereby promoting pollinator habitats. 

Fiona Said: “I’m delighted to help drive excitement, creativity and awareness behind what is a serious issue.  Our buzzy pollinators are under threat and we need to do all we can to promote their plight and ways that local families can help.  And my thanks go to John O’Conner Grounds for getting involved and supplying the wildflower seeds.”

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Future projects include creating  seed grenades and mini Anthony Gormley statues.

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