Ponds approved for Harpenden allotments

HARPENDEN: South Harpenden allotment gardeners are now officially allowed to have ponds on plots following council approval on Monday.

Despite initial health and safety fears Harpenden town council has agreed to let South Harpenden Allotments and Gardens Society (SHAGS) authorise ponds, with the proviso that they are either covered or fenced off.

A SHAGS representative, Brian Cooper, said fellow gardeners were “very pleased” following the successful outcome of their request to build ponds to encourage frogs, newts, birds and other wildlife to breed, settle in or consume garden pests.

He said councillors had been “fair” setting out guidelines for plot holders, such as limiting the size of ponds and requiring gardeners to seek prior approval from SHAGS before creating them.

Plot holders are not permitted to have both a shed and a pond.