Polly Poison and her Electric Antidote to play on Alban Arena balcony

ST ALBANS rockers, Polly Poison and her Electric Antidote, will explode back onto the music scene next month with a live gig on the Alban Arena balcony.

The outdoor spectacle on July 2 will be the four-piece band’s first gig in six months after taking a break to focus on writing and recording new material.

The 45-minute show will start at 8pm and showcase four new tracks, which will also be available to buy on 50 limited edition numbered CDs for �5 on the night.

Guitarist Sami Resua (aka Sami Sedative) said: “After six months of writing and rehearsing new material we’ve been completely overwhelmed by the support and backing we’ve had from the council and Alban Arena. After being out of action for almost half a year, we wanted our first show to be something memorable and different. This will be a free party for all our local fans who followed and supported us throughout our Surface Unsigned journey.

“We’d like to thank the Alban Arena in particular for helping us organise the event, and for showing such support for a local unsigned band.”

Batman-style gobo lights will project the Polly logo onto the Arena during the free gig which will see the band perform from uplit platforms.

The band are Sami, singer Katie Masson (aka Polly Poison), drummer Duncan Clark (aka Duncan Disorderly) and bassist Lee Voss. They will be the first ever band to perform on the balcony and the first unsigned band with a Saturday night slot at the Arena.

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Polly Poison and her Electric Antidote started out playing original covers but soon went on to write their own material.

Their first EP – Polly Attack – is available on iTunes. To listen to their music or find out more information, visit www.myspace.com/electricantidote or visit their Facebook page.

Please credit Benji Photography for the images.