Police warning over St Albans ‘purse dippings’

PURSE chains were given out to elderly and vulnerable residents by police officers during a recent Alzheimer’s Society event, organised by Tesco in St Albans.

Pcs Adams Wills and Carol Crawley also gave out crime prevention advice on how shoppers could reduce the chances of becoming a victim of purse dipping.

Said Pc Wills: “We spoke to lots of shoppers during the day and gave out dozens of purse chains which we hope will reduce the number of purse dippings we see, especially on busy market days.

“We advised women to make sure they have their handbags zipped up, with the zip at the front, and they should have their purses at the bottom of their bags. Men shouldn’t carry their cash or valuables in their back pockets.

“By increasing awareness of purse dipping, together, we can help put a stop to it.”

The event was organised by PC Adam Wills’ sister Becky who works as a community champion for Tesco, organising charity events for the stores. Staff dressed up as cops and robbers on the day and also held collections and raffles, through which they hope to raise more than �500 for the Alzheimer’s Society.