Police calm concerns about unexpected guests at Harpenden carol service

St Nicholas Church Harpenden

St Nicholas Church Harpenden - Credit: Archant

Police have come forward to calm concerns about an incident at a Christmas carol service following a fuss on social media.

On Sunday, December 8, at Harpenden’s St Nicholas JMI School’s Christmas carol service, three people unexpectedly joined the congregation and were seen to be ‘acting suspiciously’.

Numerous parents made calls to the police, who then came and investigated the scene, and rumours about who they were were rife on social media.

St Albans Safer Neighbourhood Team inspector Adam Such said: “After recent worldwide events, we understand the concerns people might have about individuals behaving in a suspicious manner.

“Although in this case no crimes were in progress we thank the public for calling us and would encourage everyone to remain vigilant and report anything to us they find suspicious.”

Canon Dennis Stamps, The Rector at St Nicholas Church, was very keen to point out that there was no issue with people joining the ceremony, despite it technically not being open to the public.

“Our doors are always open,” he said.

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A statement put out on their Facebook page Parish of Harpenden said: “Harpenden remains a very, even very, very, safe place to live and worship. It is important at this time that we continue our daily life and routines where there is no credible threat and not to stir up fear.

“Harpenden is a great community and we all want it to be a welcoming community for all people.”

If you would like to speak to Adam more about the incident, he can be contacted on the non-emergency number 101.