PM David Cameron visits St Albans

DAYS after David Cameron used his prime ministerial powers to reshuffle cabinet, he paid a surprise visit to a St Albans garden centre, where flower power rules.

Staff and visitors at Burston garden centre, North Orbital Road, were stunned when the PM dropped in for a cuppa today, Thursday September 6.

Christine Williams, PA to the directors at Burston, said a, “very pleasant, relaxed and happy Mr Cameron” spent two hours chatting with staff throughout the centre.

Mrs Williams added: “People were very excited; some were saying they weren’t sure it was him. It gave the place quite a buzz.”

She explained: “David Cameron approached the counter at the restaurant with two female and four security staff, and asked if it was OK for them to stop for some tea.

“Pleasantries were exchanged and the PM asked how business was going for us. He was told that he was lucky we’re quiet as we’ve been busy with customers interested in our new refurbishments, and he was there before the lunch time rush.”