St Albans Waitrose customers wonder if their new visitor is fur real

Pluto enjoying his visit to Waitrose. Photo: Veronique Caroller

Pluto enjoying his visit to Waitrose. Photo: Veronique Caroller - Credit: Archant

Waitrose has got a new category of customer who tends to do as he purr-leases.

Pluto, a short-haired grey cat, is said to regularly visit the Ermine Close supermarket in St Albans.

Customer Veronique Caroller, 61, of Verulam Road said: “I saw him a while ago and again last week

“When I stopped to say hello, he looked inside my shopping to see if there was anything edible.

“I think he is a regular.

“It really surprised me - I hadn’t expected to see a cat in there.”

Eleanor Hatherley, 54, of Fishpool Street has also seen Pluto. She said: “I walked down the cat food aisle and a real cat was striding towards me!”

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Steven Lake, manager of Waitrose, St Albans said: “Pluto does seem very keen to visit our shop - perhaps it’s our wide range of cat food - but unfortunately we have to gently usher him out.”

Purr-haps he will visit again soon.

Maybe he thinks he is human, even though he is Ocat-o.

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