Pharmacy in St Albans gives wrong prescription for medication

Lorraine received the incorrect amount of ascorbic acid at the pharmacy

Lorraine received the incorrect amount of ascorbic acid at the pharmacy - Credit: Archant

A pharmacy is investigating one of its branches following a mix up with medication.

The Jhoots Pharmacy branch in Highfield, St Albans, is being looked into by head office after a woman received the wrong prescription last Friday.

Lorraine Hobbs, 39, of St Albans, visited the store to collect her mother’s prescription and expected to receive two pots of 100mg tablets of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Instead, she was given 500mg tablets even though the printed label claimed that the bottles contained the correct amount of 100mg.

Lorraine said: “They gave me two pots and both didn’t have the right amount.

“I’ve been using the pharmacy for years and years and I have never had a problem before.

“When I spoke to the manager he said she could have been really ill with a bad stomach and others have told me it could have been much worse.”

Lorraine’s mum, who is 74, is unable to see very well and “could have easily just taken the tablets”.

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She continued: “I just want people to be aware and to check their tablets to make sure they have got what they should have.

“The pharmacy did apologise and so did the manager, she was in tears actually, but I told her I had to make a complaint because it’s important.

“I have to check absolutely everything now because my mum can’t really see.”

A spokesperson for the pharmacy commented: “We are investigating a possible dispensing error at Jhoots Pharmacy in Russet Drive, St Albans, where a customer was given 500mg of ascorbic acid instead of the prescribed 100mg.

“We have spoken with the customer and will keep her updated with the outcome of the investigation.”