Petition calls for drinking water wells throughout St Albans

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Should drinking water wells to be drilled around St Albans city centre?

That's what resident Carmen Cristescu thinks, and she has started a petition urging the district council to install the wells, providing members of the public with places to refill their water bottles for free at any time of day.

She said: "This would save the average family around £500 to £1,000 spent annually on bottled water. It would massively reduce plastic waste as well, as all residents would be able to refill their own bottles brought from home endlessly.

"This has been done successfully in many towns and there are also many boreholes drilled in around St Albans, but they are for either private or commercial use, not public."

The petition calls for water wells to be situated at key locations, including the city centre, Verulamium Park, on main roads and next to schools and parks.

Carmen said: "My dream is for everyone in St Albans to have free access 24/7 to pure drinking water from easily accessible wells.

"I have never done this before but am very willing to be of help in increasing the health and environmental awareness and wellbeing in the local community."

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The e-petition will run until Friday, November 8, and Carmen is hoping if it reaches enough signatures it will be discussed at a St Albans council meeting.

The petition states: "Having public wells filled with natural drinking water direct from the ground would immensely benefit all residents from all walks of life, and increase the standards of living and life expectancy considerably.

"It is not by chance that all human settlements are set by the best water sources available since ancient times."

Cllr Chris White, council leader and portfolio holder for climate and environment, said: "We always welcome interesting suggestions from residents about how our district could be improved.

"However, the creation of a network of water wells around the district is beyond our expertise and authority.

"This would be better addressed to the Environment Agency and water companies."

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