Persistent leak causing problems for St Albans resident

Paul Flitton points out the damage to the ceiling in his front room

Paul Flitton points out the damage to the ceiling in his front room - Credit: Archant

A fed-up tenant is facing increased heating bills and worsening health issues as he claims a leak in his home has prevailed for around two months.

Paul Flitton, of Newgate Close, first noticed a problem in his living room ceiling ten weeks ago when a nail appeared.

The 47 year old reported the problem to St Albans district council but said it took three weeks for someone to come and inspect the damage and a further two weeks for scaffolding to be put up to then begin work: “From there on it’s just gone downhill.”

On November 2 he phoned the council’s out of hour’s telephone number as a huge bulge had appeared which led to around 6 and a half litres falling through the ceiling.

Repair work was carried out but the unemployed resident said there is still a leak which cannot be found and he has had to resort to filling his living room with buckets: “It’s damaging it all over again. There’s more damage now than there was to start with. I need to be water tight, it’s winter and I’ve got a bug.”

The leak remains dangerously close to Paul light fittings and he called the fire brigade when he became concerned about the safety of his electrics.

Fire crews inspected his loft after classing the problem as an emergency but were unable to find the source of the leak.

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He said: “It’s gone on too long now, it’s just a joke. I have to put the heating on constantly. The council aren’t being sympathetic.”

At the time of going to print a council representative was due to inspect the property again yesterday to find out the cause of the leak.

In response, Karen Dragovic,head of housing for St Albans district council, said a representative visited the property shortly after the protuding nail was reported but upon inspection there was no sign of a leak: “We later visited the property again following a reported leak in a different location on 2 November 2013. An urgent repair was undertaken to lead work around the dormer window of the property, which stopped the leak.

“The reported nail and the leak were unconnected. We have not received any further reports of leaks at the property. The Council has arranged a follow-up inspection to look at any damage or issues as a result of the leak. Any further repairs will be undertaken as appropriate.”