Pensioner furious after waiting 18 months for bus shelters

Marion Todd is upset that two promised bus shelters have not been installed

Marion Todd is upset that two promised bus shelters have not been installed - Credit: Archant

An elderly woman who relies on the use of a bus route is at her ‘wits’ end’ after waiting more than 18 months for shelters to be installed.

Pensioner Marion Todd, of London Colney, uses the buses on London Colney High Street more than three times a week.

As her main form of transport, Marion waits for the bus come rain or shine, but she has become increasingly frustrated as her bus stops are the only two on the high street without a shelter.

After raising the issue with Herts County Council (HCC) and her local councillor Dreda Gordon in 2014, she was promised the shelters would be funded through Cllr Gordon’s locality budget.

But more than 18 months later there are still no shelters. Marion said: “I use the bus quite regularly and I have to stand in the cold and the wet. I’m elderly with health problems and I stand out in all weathers when the bus is late.”

She has been emailing a representative at HCC but has yet to receive answers about when the shelters will be installed.

She continued: “I’m at my wits’ end and I don’t know what else I can do if I’m not getting any responses. I’ve sent 30 emails with very little response.”

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Marion said Cllr Gordon had responded to all of her correspondence. She said: “To her credit, Dreda always replies.

“I just want them installed, I’ve done everything I can.”

Cllr Gordon told the Herts Advertiser that the delay was as a result of contracting issues.

She said: “The problem with the contractors means the backlog has built up which they’re [HCC] trying to address.”

Cllr Gordon maintained that the shelters would be built because she had already allocated money for them and that she continued to press the officers responsible for the contractors.

A spokesperson for HCC said they hoped the shelters would be installed soon. He added: “We apologise that the new bus shelters have not yet been installed.

“The contractor who supplies the shelters has been experiencing severe production problems which have caused the delay. We are in discussions with them regarding this and we will install the shelters as soon as possible after delivery.”