First Peace Bench installed in St Albans

St Albans' new Peace Bench.

St Albans' new Peace Bench. - Credit: Tim Boatswain

A ceremony will be taking place next week to bless St Albans' very first Peace Bench.

The bench sits in Waxhouse Gate passageway outside Vintry Garden, and depicts white birds of peace in the same style as one nearby commemorating the centenary of the First World War.

It was funded by Conservation 50, using fees from talks for the Cathedral Adult Learning programme given by chairman Professor Tim Boatswain.

He said: "It seems entirely appropriate that next to a bench that reminds us of the tragedy of war there is a symbol of hope and peace.

"Can I give my thanks and pass on the gratitude of Conservation 50 for all of you who attended these talks and made the fulfilment of this project possible."

The Dean of the Cathedral, The Very Reverend Jo Kelly-Moore has agreed to bless the bench at a ceremony on June 27 at 12.30pm, to which everyone is invited.