St Albans business leader contributes to book exploring post-COVID world

St Albans business leader Paul Plant has contributed to a book looking at a post-COVID world.

St Albans business leader Paul Plant has contributed to a book looking at a post-COVID world. - Credit: Archant

A St Albans business leader has contributed to a new book providing insights and predictions as to what the “new normality” might look like in the post-COVID world.

Paul Plant, who has lived in the city for the past 31 years, is one of several authors featured in ‘Aftershocks & Opportunities - Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future’.

The book features the views of 25 futurists and transformation experts from all over the globe, and explores topics such as what it would be like to have a bi-annual ‘quarantine month’, what would happen if the social security contract between generations breaks down, how to reinvent government and business, and how to put people and planet at the heart of the recovery agenda.

Created in less than 10 weeks, it takes the public debate beyond current issues such as lockdown policies and getting children back into education to think about what happens next.

Paul, 61, of Oyster Street, explained: “Prior to the pandemic much of the world’s disruption was down to technology adoption and changes in climate etc.

“COVID-19 however, has brought unprecedented disruption on a global scale, and it therefore became a timely and relevant topic for the book.”

A former Yell plc executive, Paul is now an independent consultant, advising on corporate strategy, digital transformation and customer experience.

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Paul’s chapter is entitled ‘Does the Proverbial Cloud Created by the Pandemic of 2020 Have a Silver Lining?’.

He explained: “The inspiration came from reading a Facebook post by my Old Albanian Rugby Club friend Chris Butterworth, where he was inviting friends and contacts to comment on how the lockdown has affected them. He had asked people to state what they were appreciating more, what things they felt would never be the same again, and what positive takeaways would people carry forward once lockdown was over?

“The post proved to be very popular, with a sizeable number of responses, yet an incredible amount of consistency across a range of topics.”

Copies of the book are available from and Amazon.