Passenger ‘had glass in her mouth’ after brick thrown through car window on A414

A brick was thrown through a car window on the A414.

A brick was thrown through a car window on the A414. - Credit: Archant

A brick was thrown through a car window in the latest in a spate of criminal damage to moving vehicles on the A414.

Glenda Smith, from Shenley, was in the passenger seat as her husband drove down the A414 at about 7.30pm on Wednesday, February 22.

As they turned into Colney Heath Lane, a brick smashed through the passenger side window, showering the couple in broken glass.

Mrs Smith said: “I had glass in my hair and in my mouth and my shoes. It was quite frightening.

“Thank God I didn’t have my granddaughter in her car seat in the car. We weren’t hurt but someone’s going to be seriously hurt - it could even be a fatality.”

The Smiths have blue-tinted glass in their car windows and may need to wait for five days before it can be repaired.

Vandals have targeted other vehicles travelling on the North Orbital Road near Colney Heath Lane over the past month. On January 31, a Jaguar had its rear passenger window smashed by a rock, the day after a coach had two of its windows smashed on the same stretch of road.

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On January 26, seven cars were damaged in a similar way.

The incidents have all taken place at around the same time of day, between 6pm and 8pm.