Partner of Redbourn Road cyclist victim backs campaign for safety measures

Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood - Credit: Archant

The grieving life partner of the cyclist killed on Redbourn Road last month has said his death will not be in vain if the danger spot is made safer for others.

Susie Ullman has spoken out about the road for the first time since the passing of Mark Greenwood, who died after being involved in a collision with a car while travelling home on the evening of January 9.

The Redbourn resident has supported the Herts Advertiser’s ‘Respect on Redbourn Road’ campaign saying she agrees with the newspaper’s aim to raise safety awareness for motorists and cyclists.

She said: “I would like to see a cycle and pedestrian path all down one side [of the road] so you don’t have to cross over. There seems to be plenty of land to do it.

“I suppose how I feel is that nothing will bring Mark back but if this stops something happening to someone else it would be good.”

Susie, who has lived in Redbourn for 13 years, often uses the route to reach St Albans but avoids driving along it at night as she claims it is poorly lit.

She continued: “I have never seen a speed check along that road.

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“It is not a criticism of the police because they have been absolutely wonderful to me throughout this process but having said that it’s a forgotten road and actually it is a main commuter road from St Albans.

“I cycled along the path in the summer with Mark and we had to cross over this busy road half way to the Gorhambury estate and the bushes are hanging over and hitting your face and there is debris over the path.

“I used to say to Mark ‘Why don’t you use the path?’ and that was the reason.”

Susie and Mark met at college 38 years ago and for the last 17 years he worked at Abbeyfield Society in St Albans, which is a charity that provides housing, support and care for people at different stages of later life.

She is still struggling to come to terms with his death but wants to be involved in bringing about change to Redbourn Road in Mark’s memory.

Susie added: “Mark only wanted the good for other people. If it makes other people safer and enhances the lives of people in the village that he loved then I believe that this is what Mark would want.

“There was not one part of my life he wasn’t part of. I miss him all the time.”

If you want to back our campaign write to us at the address on page two, or email or tweet us @hertsad using the hashtag #respectRedbournRoad