Park Street road safety petition thrown out

Local mums Nicola Wallace, Annelize Fagan and Johanne Jorge stand on the narrow pavement which is pa

Local mums Nicola Wallace, Annelize Fagan and Johanne Jorge stand on the narrow pavement which is part of their school run - Credit: Archant

A petition to install a safety barrier alongside a busy Park Street road considered an “accident waiting to happen” has been rejected by the county council.

Over 376 signatures were collected by mum-of-two Johanne Jorge in support of the extra safety precaution but Herts county council (HCC) still do not believe the road to be a cause for concern.

A barrier reportedly used to be in place at the roadside until a traffic light system was installed in January 2012.

Johanne said: “The barrier should be extended to the grass on the north side of the bridge ensuring safety along the full length [of the road].

“Children cycle and scooter along this path and one small wobble could send them into the path of a car or truck.

“Many cars and lorries travel too fast along this road and should somebody jump the lights, the opposing vehicle could mount the pavement as there is no safety barrier.

“Safety of our children is paramount and should come before any cost constraints.”

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Fellow campaigner Jon Breen said: “You can’t put a price on safety. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“It [the barrier] is a piece of material that they change every time there’s an accident – it’s got to be fairly cheap.”

In response to the petition, HCC said installing a barrier on the path would make it too narrow for a double or single pushchair to safely pass. A road safety expert went to the site to undertake a safety audit but did not find any causes for concern.

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