'Hero without a cape' comes to the aid of Park Street resident

Volunteers and fir fighters clearing flood water in Park Street, St Albans

Samuel Leach (third from left) teamed up with local volunteers including Gavin (second from right) to stop Eileen's cottage from flooding - Credit: Samuel Leach

The Park Street community is still rallying around to provide free support to a neighbour whose house was threatened by flooding.

Back in January, Instagram personality Samuel Leach made a plea to his 38,000 followers for manpower and sandbags to help protect the home of Eileen, who is in her 80s, from rising floodwater.

And in the wake of this achievement, more people have come forward to do their bit to help her out.

They include Chris Blow, who runs Total Roofing in St Albans, who was asked to fix a large leak in Eileen's roof.

Chris Blow from St Albans-based Total Roofing Contractors

Chris Blow from St Albans-based Total Roofing Contractors. Total Roofing have been nominated for a London and South East Prestige Award 2020/2021 for helping and giving back to the local community - Credit: Chris Blow

Eileen's friend Gary S, who also helps make sure she is safe and secure, said: "We thought they would just ‘patch the roof up’ but what they actually did for her was an amazing professional repair, taking two days to recover the entire affected area at the rear of the house, at their own expense.

"This was an incredible gesture at such a desperate time, and I cannot thank them enough."

He branded Chris "a hero without a cape!"

While doing the job, Chris and his team ensured Eileen no longer had buckets and newspaper littering her home.

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"We wanted to give something back and help her out. This isn't the first time we have done this, it's just not something that we mention as it's not all about receiving money," Chris said.

Chris, said he uses the fact that he is his own boss to meet and help people in the community around him: "We think it's nice to give something back and we like making people happy with the work we carry out."

Samuel's partner Nicola McDonald has also liaised with the Park Street Residents' Association to provide Eileen with fresh food every week.