Owners of cat attacked by greyhound in St Albans call for dog owners to be more responsible

Tia, the beloved family cat, was nine when she was mauled by greyhounds in Sandridge

Tia, the beloved family cat, was nine when she was mauled by greyhounds in Sandridge - Credit: Archant

The owners of a much-loved family cat are urging dog owners to be more responsible after their pet was mauled to death by greyhounds.

Jacky Hart, 50, of Langley Grove in Sandridge, was heartbroken to find out that her family’s beloved cat Tia had been killed while she, her two daughters and husband were out of the house recently.

A neighbour and a passer-by told her that they saw two greyhounds, who were being walked on their leads by a dog walker, ‘lunge’ for Tia as the cat was sitting in their front garden.

Jacky said that the cat is thought to have died instantly after one of the dogs broke her neck, and the nine-year-old feline was taken to a nearby vets by another dog walker and a neighbour.

The walker, who is not the owner of the two dogs, left quickly but was extremely apologetic to Jacky and her family.

Jacky said: “The dog walker was and still is devastated and did ask the person who took Tia to the vet’s for our phone numbers. He spoke to my husband and was hugely apologetic and upset.

“We have heard absolutely nothing from the dog owner. It is difficult not to feel a bit angry about that.”

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The family has been in contact with the police and the district council but despite being sympathetic, none of the authorities are able to take action because it was “only” a cat that was killed.

Jacky said that she wants dog owners to be more responsible with their pets, and for owners whose dogs might have a tendency to chase after “small furry animals” to have them muzzled.

She added: “We want to raise awareness because we now know that greyhounds can be unpredictable dogs. Ex-racers have been trained to chase small furry animals that run away from them.

“We are concerned that next time it may be a small child who is running carrying a furry toy that could be attacked. If local people are made aware, it will hopefully help them to be cautious, particularly if they have small children with them.”

Following a recent story the Herts Advertiser ran about another cat being killed by greyhounds, Jacky contacted that animal’s owner to establish that the greyhounds in question were different animals.