Plan for new block of flats in St Albans risk ‘changing the nature’ of Hatfield Road

A 3D image of what the new flats will look like in Hatfield Road. Picture: Cedarwood Developments Lt

A 3D image of what the new flats will look like in Hatfield Road. Picture: Cedarwood Developments Ltd. - Credit: Archant

Plans to build a block of eight two-bedroom flats on the site of a bungalow in St Albans have met with opposition from neighbours.

The flats would be built in Hatfield Road, near to Beaumont School and parallel to Pinewood Close, and would require demolishing the existing bungalow, building a new vehicle crossover and associated landscaping works - including parking at the front and the back.

Sara Button, who lives next-door to the development, said: "They are going to have to move the bus stop and the street lighting from outside the house. There isn't room for another bus stop down the road.

"We just think it's an over-development of the site. We don't think it fits in the local area, and we've got lots of families around here.

"I wouldn't mind if they were replacing the bungalow with a house or two houses. There are all the implications with the number of people that are going to be in there, and the amount of extra traffic on Hatfield Road and round the back of Pinewood Close.

"It's inappropriate in the space and it's going to impact all our lives around here."

Sara has lived in St Albans for 20 years, and in Hatfield Road for the past 10. Her and her neighbours are all lodging their objections to the planning application.

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She said: "We are all very concerned as well about the nature of Hatfield Road changing. Another bungalow has been sold to a developer further down the road, and we've just got a huge development near Beaumont School.

"I don't see the need for more and more flats to be built."

The application was made by Cedarwood Developments Ltd, and the decision is due by Tuesday, January 7.

The deadline for submitting comments is Wednesday, December 18.

According to the planning application's design and access statement, the height of the building would be consistent with other buildings in the street.

The planning case states: "The site is located within the built-up area of St Albans, which is therefore suitable for new housing developments.

"The proposed scheme would make more efficient use of the site by replacing the existing single dwelling with eight new dwellings in a very sustainable and established residential location."