Opinion: Alban Day shows why it is important to have pride in our community

Cunningham Hall Infant School pupils on Alban Day. Picture: CUNNINGHAM HALL INFANT SCHOOL

Cunningham Hall Infant School pupils on Alban Day. Picture: CUNNINGHAM HALL INFANT SCHOOL - Credit: Archant

The sight of legions of our schoolchildren dressed in yellow and blue - the official colours of St Albans - was fantastic to see.

In recent years we have heard much about national pride - not least in the recent EU referendum, where people on both sides of the argument have given their views on what they think it means to be British or European.

But it can be easy to forget that it is important to have pride in our local area too - and this area has many things to be proud of.

A stunning cathedral, historic buildings such as the clock tower and a vibrant city centre are just the tip of the iceberg.

Read this newspaper and you will see countless examples of people fighting for their community and the people in it, whether it is the dance school friends of leukaemia sufferer Ellie Brewer raising money to help her family or the street festival held on Sunday.

There are also exciting plans for the future, even if some people would like the district council to reveal more about its plans for the civic centre.

Where there is discord, such as controversial plans for housing surrounding the area, one cannot doubt that people’s intentions are generally what is best for St Albans - even if they disagree on what the final outcomes should be.

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So it is fantastic the city takes time to celebrate its history and community spirit, as well as remind people of what is great about living around here.

Although communities across the country show pride in where they live, few do it so patriotically - with St Albans having its own colours.

It is also great to see young people getting involved, as educating them about the past is perhaps the most important thing of all.

It may sound like a cliche but young people are our future, so it is important they know all about the history and the community spirit they will inherit in the years to come. We also want them to feel a sense of pride which makes them want to stay.

Well done to all those who made this year’s Alban Day such a wonderful success. But whether you donned the famous yellow and blue colours or not, remember that you live in a community to be proud of.