Open verdict on St Albans man discovered mummified

THE mummified body of a St Albans man was only discovered after the council came to inspect the boiler in his flat, an inquest heard yesterday.

Terrence Finley was found dead at Irene Stebbings House, Central Drive, on November 25 last year.

The inquest heard how the 68 year old suffered with chronic kidney disease and colitis but medical records showed he had not been to his GP since April 2009.

He had also failed to attend the regular blood tests he needed to monitor one of the medications he was taking, despite reminder letters from the doctor.

On the day Mr Finley was found, police had been called to the property to force entry and enable the boiler to be checked.

Officers found it difficult to get into the flat as a large pile of post had built up behind the door.

Once inside, they found that there was no electricity in the property and that the curtains were drawn.

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They went into the bedroom and found Mr Finley lying on his bed, covered in two blankets. His body was mummified.

A post-mortem examination was carried out, but a cause of death was unascertainable due to the state of Mr Finley’s body.

Herts coroner Edward Thomas recorded an open verdict, adding that Mr Finley had been dead for some time but it was impossible to say for exactly how long.

The letters were examined to try and find a next of kin but police were unable to locate anyone.

Neighbours were also spoken to but said they did not know Mr Finley very well and that they had not seen him for some time.