Ongoing power cuts plaguing residents of rural St Albans

Woodcock Hill in Sandridge has also been suffering from street light blackouts

Woodcock Hill in Sandridge has also been suffering from street light blackouts - Credit: Archant

A disgruntled neighbour whose street has been struck by repeated power cuts has called on the problem to be fixed immediately as it is “pitch black” outside.

The Herts Advertiser recently reported that residents in Langley Grove, Sandridge, had been blighted by persistent power outages, with both their streetlights and home electricity malfunctioning.

But Gary Faulkner of neighbouring Woodcock Hill said the problem was still ongoing, with the lights on his road also not working.

He said it had happened three times and reported it to Herts County Council on January 13.

He went on: “The most annoying thing is we have had no feedback to say what was going on.

“I would have thought they would tell us it was down to a power supply fault or something and then we would understand that it’s not up to them and it is down to a third party.

“Basically it seems as though the whole power supply down here is stripped out.

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“It is very disconcerting. Luckily it is getting lighter in the mornings and it’s getting darker later in the afternoons as well but I take my children to school and they don’t like walking around in the dark.

“Our street is pitch black. We live on the outskirts of Sandridge and we are opposite a field so there is only lighting on one side of the street, no light coming from anyone’s houses or anywhere else.

“Luckily we have a driveway where our car is parked otherwise we would have to use a torch to walk down the road to find it!”

A spokeswoman for UK Power Networks said the company was aware of the issue with streetlights in the Langley Grove area of Sandridge but not Woodcock Hill.

She confirmed there had been a fault on the low voltage network in the area which had been hard to locate but asssured customers that it had been fixed by an engineer on Wednesday, January 28, through specialist equipment in a nearby substation that been fitted previously.

Kevin Carrol, divisional manager for Ringway, which maintains the streetlights on behalf of Herts County Council, said until last week the company had not been aware that a problem was affecting more than one streetlight in Woodcock Hill.

He confirmed an engineer was on site on Wednesday, February 4 as the Herts Advertiser went to print.

He said: “We do appreciate that this is not an ideal situation.

“It is worth noting that multiple lights out is often indicative of power supply issues which would require input from the power and electricity supplier and may delay repairs further.”

Residents are asked to report any streetlighting faults through