Objections to London Colney fish and chip shop plan

A NEW takeaway in London Colney will be one too many, say residents who have opposed plans from the start.

The fish and chip shop at number 307 on The High Street will, they fear, bring an increase in traffic, noise and litter in an area that already struggles with anti-social behaviour late into the night.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she was disappointed and surprised that she and her neighbours had not been invited to discuss the decision with councillors in a meeting, despite sending in their objections to the proposals.

She said: “I received a letter on July 13 and was told I had three weeks to reply and I did. Considering it had been rejected three times in the last two years, I was surprised when I saw it was passed so quickly on August 12.

“We have parking problems all day long where we live and there are not enough spaces outside the shop considering that the flats above are also entitled to spaces.

“Putting this all aside, we already have social problems in this area of London Colney and we don’t want the litter and smell.”

She said that her and other residents were not clear on why the application had been delegated to an officer, considering the history of previous applications.

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She added: “I don’t understand why we weren’t invited to be heard.”

Objections to the takeaway claimed the area, which includes a mini-market, pharmacy and hairdressers, was already a hotspot for antisocial behaviour in the early evening when young people congregated there and often, during the summer months, until the early hours of the morning.

London Colney Parish Council registered its objection to the plans highlighting the fact that the area was already served by five takeaways. Residents, they said, would be greatly inconvenienced by parking problems.

Conditional permission was granted to the take away last month with an agreement that it must close at 9pm at night in order to prevent disruption to the residents living nearby.

Cllr Chris Brazier defended the decision made by the officers: “The previous opposition was to the opening hours and the officers felt that it was too late, so when these were changed, it was considered appropriate.

“It’s not an unsuitable use for the area as it’s in a parade of shops that includes a mini-market, hairdressers and pharmacy.

“I can understand objections to it but there are conditions to the agreement and the take away will have to comply with these.”

The application was delegated to officers because it was not called in by councillors and therefore did not go to committee.