Obituary: St Albans woman passes away after 109th birthday

Lily Winter on her 107th

Lily Winter on her 107th - Credit: Archant

The oldest woman from St Albans has passed away this week, shortly after turning 109 on Monday (March 6).

A childhood photo of Lily Winter in about 1910, with her twin and sister.

A childhood photo of Lily Winter in about 1910, with her twin and sister. - Credit: Archant

Lily Winter, who was born in 1908, lived through 21 Prime Ministers, two World Wars and the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, saw Ford bring out the Model-T car, the reign and death of King George VI, and the Olympics come to London three times.

She will be missed by her large family who knew her as Aunty Betty. Over her life, she had two sisters, a twin brother, six nieces and nephews, 15 great nieces and nephews and 15 great-great nieces and nephews.

Apart from touring Europe, Lily went to finishing school in Switzerland and loved to take pictures of wild flowers in her spare time.

She was independently mobile right until the end and lived for a time in St Albans’ Marshals Drive working as a nanny.

In this role she took children around Verulamium Lake or Clarence Park to feed the ducks and have sandwiches.

For the final years of her life, Lily lived in Springview Care Home in Enfield and was the 25th oldest person in Britain.

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Speaking before her birthday party, nephew Paul Brewster, said: “She’s a lovely person, who lives a good life and she’s never harmed a fly in her life – she’s that kind of character.”

He said heaven had now gained an angel.

Lily said the secret to her long life was to laugh often.