Three-year-old begs Oaklands College bosses not to close Acorns nursery

Callie Hunt was devastated at the news that Acorns Day Nursery faces closure.

Callie Owen was devastated at the news that Acorns Day Nursery faces closure. - Credit: Sam Hunt

A three-year-old girl devastated by the proposed closure of her beloved day nursery has made an emotional plea to bosses at Oaklands College to change their minds.

Little Callie Owen asked mum Samantha Hunt if she could send a message to the people who want to take away Acorns Day Nursery, namely the senior leadership team at the college.

In the little video, she asks them to "Please save Acorns nursery because they're like family," adding "I love you Kate," in reference to her key worker at the nursery.

Mum of three Sam previously sent her older children Frank, now six, and five-year-old Jolie to Acorns.

She explained: "It has taken a tremendous deal of confidence building and nurturing from all the Acorns staff to encourage Callie to feel and become comfortable in being apart from Mummy, especially after the long lockdown period in 2020.

She also had to start her journey there with me not being able to go inside for any of her settling periods due to Covid procedures.

"Acorns nursery has always been a warm, nurturing, comfortable, friendly family environment. The team there are always passionate, positive, show enthusiasm and patience .

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"The nursery went above and beyond during the lockdown periods, providing a high standard of home education, care and support both in the nursery for key workers and at home while being under immense pressure in a time of such uncertainty.

"I am absolutely heartbroken by the proposed closure. It’s devastating. I cried like a baby when I heard the news."

Oaklands College gave the nursery just six weeks' consultation on the proposed closure, during which time parents and staff have launched a petition opposing the plans.

Sam explained how Callie took the news: "I had to break the very sad news that the last day of term had actually been her last day ever at Acorns. Not only that but that it was also the last day she would ever have Kate as her key worker who she adores.

"Callie was devastated. Children process and display complex emotions differently than adults. If there is sudden change they feel tremendous discomfort and heartache.

For a three-year-old to feel so strongly and to be able to express how she feels, I hope shows just how important and valuable Acorns nursery is on behalf of everyone."