No charges over St Albans Council laptop thefts

NOBODY was ever charged in connection with the theft of a laptop containing sensitive information about postal voters, it has emerged.

Police have confirmed that investigations into the theft of four computers – one of which contained more than 14,500 names, addresses dates of births and signatures of postal voters – from St Albans district council last year had come to an end due to a lack of evidence.

Although a council contractor from Ware was originally arrested in connection with the crime, a police spokesperson said that there was not enough evidence to pursue the case and therefore investigations had drawn to a close.

A report following the theft from the council revealed a number of lapses in security at the council offices despite protection being stepped up following the thefts.

It also identified several failures and disappointments, including the laptop theft, since Northgate was employed in 2008 for its IT expertise at a cost of about �2.5 million over seven years.

In addition, the Audit Commission also looked into the theft and found that the council’s approach to IT services was below standard.