No cause for celebration over card shop’s rubbish in St Albans

Rubbish piling up near Clinton Cards in St Albans

Rubbish piling up near Clinton Cards in St Albans - Credit: Photo supplied

Unsightly commercial rubbish piled up along a busy pedestrian thoroughfare in St Albans city centre has prompted a complaint to both the district council and the store concerned.

Rubbish piling up near Clinton Cards in St Albans

Rubbish piling up near Clinton Cards in St Albans - Credit: Photo supplied

Clinton Cards in St Peter’s Street has been told by a St Albans chartered surveyor, who does not want to be named, that there is “no excuse” for leaving waste for more than 24 hours in Waddington Road, around the corner from the store.

The 37-year-old surveyor has noticed the rubbish as he parks daily in Drovers Way, and walks along Waddington Road to his office in the city centre.

In a complaint to Clinton Cards, he said: “The mess created by your St Albans high street store is a disgrace. Frequently, rubbish is put out in the road/alley adjoining the store several days before it is collected.

“Rubbish was out yesterday morning (October 26) when I passed the store, and was still outside this morning, but was strewn across the road. This happens regularly and is completely unacceptable.”

The man added: “It makes the high street look untidy [despite] various street cleaners working tirelessly to keep it tidy and clean.”

He told the Herts Advertiser: “The rubbish shouldn’t be out for more than 24 hours. Street cleaners shouldn’t have to clear it away.”

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Michael Lovelady, the council’s head of regulatory services, said: “We received a complaint about piles of waste on a city centre footpath, visited the location and talked to the shop concerned.

“The shop’s explanation was that they had recently started a contract with a new waste contractor and the build-up had occurred during the handover.”

Mr Lovelady added: “We reminded them of their responsibility to ensure the pavement is not obstructed and that waste is removed quickly and not left out for long periods.

“We will return to check that this is happening and that no further action is necessary.”

A representative of Clinton Cards has since apologised to the man who complained, saying it was not the firm’s intention for rubbish to sit outside the store for so long.

He said the problem with failed collections was not acceptable and staff were working with rubbish contractors to resolve the problem.

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