Nicholas Breakspear students seek to raise £10,000 for Uganda

Pupils from Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School went to Uganda in connection with charity Kiddies Su

Pupils from Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School went to Uganda in connection with charity Kiddies Support Scheme - Credit: photo supplied

Seeing a high level of poverty and villagers deprived of access to bathing and toilet facilities in Uganda has prompted students at a St Albans secondary school to attempt to raise £10,000 to help them.

Nicole Kelly, head girl at Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School, Colney Heath Lane, recently travelled with nine others to Uganda to help the charity, Kiddies Support Scheme (KISS).

Since its formation two decades ago, KISS has been supporting children in Uganda to access education, particularly those experiencing hardships.

Nicole said: “This was an insightful and transformational trip which really showed us the impact that the charity makes to children in Uganda.

“There was a high level of poverty and villagers are deprived of access to toilets, showers, sinks - things we take for granted in the UK. However, we have never experienced such a joyful and loving community.”

Nicole added: “We spent the first day visiting a secondary and primary school where we learnt that it only costs £23 a year to provide a primary school student with education.

“The students were motivated and determined to achieve their careers which seemed impossible due to their circumstances. What really stood out to me was the fact that so many pupils wished to follow vocational careers such as becoming teachers, doctors and nurses in order to benefit their community.

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“It was an overwhelming and life changing experience, one that has made us stronger individuals and we will continue to support KISS at Nicholas Breakspear.”

Apart from recently hosting a fair, the school has also held a range of events over the course of a week, including leg waxing and food festivals to raise funds.

Nicole said: “By visiting Uganda, we have returned grateful for every opportunity we are provided.”

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