Ye Olde Fighting Cocks: New signs installed at 'Britain's Oldest Pub'

A cherry-picker being used to install the new sign.

The signs depict two cocks fighting, showing the original use of the building. - Credit: Simon Brown

New signs have been installed at 'Britain's Oldest Pub' Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, in St Albans, today (April 22).

The signs depict two cocks fighting, showing the previous use of the building. 

Martin Robinson, who took over the pub in March this year, told the Herts Advertiser that the signs were hand painted and the gold leaf had been applied before his very eyes this morning.

A sign depicting two cocks fighting.

The new signs depict the previous use of the building, as a cock-fighting venue. - Credit: Simon Brown

The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation, have previously suggested a name change for the pub to "Ye Olde Clever Cocks" in recognition of society's growing compassion for animals, and even proposed a vegan rebrand.

In anticipation of the foundation's concern over the new signs, Mr Robinson said: "They say these things just for publicity.

"PETA have not once contacted us."

A cherry-picker installing the new sign.

Work on the outdoor area by the river and a new BBQ is next on Mr Robinson's list of improvements. - Credit: Simon Brown

The new signs are part of an ongoing restoration project by Martin Robinson and his team, who say that a new BBQ area is next which will serve customers "all summer long".

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Beyond that, cleaning up the area which sits alongside the River Ver is next on Mr Robinson's list of priorities for the pub, which dates back to the eighth century.