New home needed for knitted Sandridge

Age UK's Alice Woudhuysen (stripey top), Sandridge900+'s Christine Nutton (centre) and visitors to t

Age UK's Alice Woudhuysen (stripey top), Sandridge900+'s Christine Nutton (centre) and visitors to the Cross street centre with the knitted buildings of Sandridge - Credit: Archant

Knitters behind a fuzzy replica of Sandridge are looking for a permanent home for their expanding tight-knit community.

The knitted scene, depicting Sandridge and buildings in St Albans, was created by a group of knitters as part of last year’s celebrations for the 900th anniversary of St Leonard’s Church in the village.

It features pubs, the church itself, the village hall, the sports hall and a pair of Nash semi-detached houses from Marshalswick.

Now knitters are keen to find a permanent home for their creation, which has been displayed at a number of events over the past year, as it is temporarily in storage.

Christine Nutton, Sandridge 900+ committee member, said: “At the moment it is an ongoing project and the bulk of it is in storage so we are very keen to get it out on display.

“A lot of people have said to us we should do our best to preserve it as it is a piece of history and I don’t know whether the textile quality will deteriorate over time.

“Already it’s a snapshot as little details of things have changed already and we do need so find somewhere to keep it and a space that is big enough to store it, as it’s just in this weird limbo.”

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However she expressed concerns that museums wouldn’t have enough space for the collection as it is “still growing.”

She added that it could be hard for Sandridge to be “recognised as part of the city and to get people to realise it’s just the same as somewhere like Park Street and How Wood.”

St Albans MP Anne Main, who went to visit the village when it was displayed at the Cross Street Centre for Age UK said: “The challenge now is to find a permanent home for the display.

“I am calling for local businesses, charities or interested parties to step forward and help continue to host the village.

“If anyone has a public space that could house the display then please contact Christine Nutton.”