New Harpenden bookshop opens up on the high street

Harpenden Books and Kipper

Harpenden Books and Kipper - Credit: Archant

A major book retailer opened its high street doors for the first time on Friday.

Alex the storyteller

Alex the storyteller - Credit: Archant

Harpenden Books, run by Waterstones, set up shop on Harpenden High Street after much anticipation from residents.

The move to open the store comes as part of Waterstones’ mission to reinstate book shops that have been lost over the course of the last decade.

Waterstones managing director James Daunt said: “We are delighted to bring a proper bookshop back to Harpenden.

“We are very proud of these local bookshops which, while a lot of smaller than a standard Waterstones, are exceptionally attractive and well stocked.

Ribbon cutting at Harpenden Books

Ribbon cutting at Harpenden Books - Credit: Archant

“Over 600 independent bookshops, mostly in small towns, have closed in the UK in the last 10 years, a calamity we are very pleased to start to reverse.”

The two-storey book store will offer a wide range of books with a particular focus on fiction, history and children’s books.

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Harpenden Books manager, Ines Freitas, will be joined by three others to run the shop.

She said: “We have been delighted by the enthusiasm and goodwill we’ve already received from the local community for our bookshop. With its elegant design and carefully selected range of books Harpenden Books will be a pleasure to browse and enjoy with the family.”

The mayor, manager Ines Freitas, author Tamsyn Murray, area managers Matt Gretton and Sean Farrell

The mayor, manager Ines Freitas, author Tamsyn Murray, area managers Matt Gretton and Sean Farrell - Credit: Archant

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