Neighbours slate piecemeal repairs of St Albans roads

Phil Fryer (left) and other concerned residents have been raising the pothole problem with the counc

Phil Fryer (left) and other concerned residents have been raising the pothole problem with the council for 7 years - Credit: Archant

Disgruntled road users have raised concerns about the delay in repairing heavily damaged road surfaces which could pose a “safety risk”.

Sections of Drakes Drive, Cell Barnes Lane and Thirlmere Drive have been subjected to years as a major bus route, road use by heavy delivery lorries, school coaches, industrial vehicles and a busy flow of traffic.

As a result, the roads are in disrepair with a large number of potholes, but residents complain that Herts county council’s response has not helped the problem. Minor repairs have been made to the roads and roundabouts and there are still concerns that the uncompleted refurbishments won’t be finished soon enough.

Member of Cell Barnes Residents’ Association (CBRA) Phil Fryer, who lives on St Vincent Drive next to Cell Barnes Lane, has started to take a d-tour when he drives to and from his home after his car suspension was damaged.

He said: “Since November in 2008 to December 2015 I’ve made a total of 34 telephone calls to Herts county council and nothing has been done about it.

“It’s like a cart track and it’s been so bad as of late.”

He continued: “Now it’s becoming a road safety issue, people are swerving to try and avoid the potholes which not only puts cars on the road at risk but pedestrians too.

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“It’s a matter of urgency and people don’t realise how long it’s been going on.”

The Herts County Council spokesperson said that there have been no delays to the work and the remaining section of Cell Barnes Lane will be resurfaced early in the New Year.

He added that the rest of Drakes Drive will be prioritised for completion in the next financial year 2016/17.