This Morning presenter Cat Deeley has issued an apology for making a “horrific” epilepsy joke live on air yesterday (June 17).

After welcoming viewers back from an advert during Monday’s show, Cat and co-host Ben Shephard were getting ready to chat with pop icon Meghan Trainor on the famous sofa to discuss her latest single and family life.

As they were about to welcome the singer, Meghan’s hit song All About That Bass was being played and the This Morning duo danced.

However, as Cat was dancing to the song, Ben looked at her with a confused look.

Commenting on his look, Cat responded: "Nothing to see here” and she continued to dance.

Ben replied: "You alright? Ok," as she stopped dancing, but then Cat said: "Yeah I’m fine. Just having a seizure. Welcome back.”

Since then, fans have demanded Cat issued an apology for her “cruel” comments, especially to those who suffer from the serious medical condition.

Cat Deeley ‘very sorry’ for making epilepsy joke on This Morning

Just after the programme began this morning (June 17), Cat spoke to the ITV audience and said: “It really wasn’t supposed to cause any upset to anybody but I can see why that might have been the case.

"So I do apologise, I am very sorry it didn’t come from that place at all."

Ben added to Cat’s apology: “It would never be our intention, would it?”

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Responding to her apology on X, one viewer wrote: “@catdeeley fair play for apologising so now we all move on and let it go. #ThisMorning”

Another commented: “This is why you should always think before you speak especially if you know it will offend people. #thismorning”

This account posted: “Tried to put up with this morning on itv since the new replacements. It’s a difficult watch however Cat making a joke about disabled people is the final straw #thismorning #itv”