Are you booking a holiday? If you're trying to organise a trip away, you might be trying to find ways to enjoy it without breaking the bank.

If you’re thinking about jetting off at any point this year, you might be wishing for a stress-free airport trip and some cheap flights.

Whether you're heading on a short-haul flight or going further around the globe, flights can be a high additional cost for your holiday.

To help you out, Gavin Lapidus, eShores’ co-founder, has shared some money-saving tips on how to get the best value flights for your trip.

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How to save money on flights ahead of your holiday

Book soon for next Christmas

If you’re planning a festive break and want to save on flights, you’ll need to book them as soon as they are available to buy as Christmas is the busiest two weeks of the year for travel.

So if you’re jetting off in December, you’ll need to be booking the flights in January or February this year because from October onwards, prices will be at their highest.

The days before and after a seasonal holiday are the most expensive days so if you can be flexible with your flight dates or extend your trip, this could cut costs.

Fly early to mid-week

It’s often cheaper to fly in the middle of the week with Google data in 2023 showing that flights departing between Monday and Wednesday are cheaper than at the weekend, according to eShores.

This varies on your destination but it’s also worth checking your departure date because flying back a day sooner or later could save you up to 20%.

Gavin Lapidus advises booking your next holiday in the new year as January is often more affordable due to the low demand.

Don’t rely on last-minute deals

It’s also advised that those wanting to travel should book their flights and holidays as far in advance as possible.

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Last-minute deals can be good for booking cheap, impromptu trips but they often depend on how many seats are left on a flight – there might be none or demand may be high, so prices can spike closer to the date of travel and you can end up paying more. 

Book summer holiday trips 10 months in advance

If you want to have a break during peak school holiday dates, you’ll need to book as early as possible.

For long-haul flights, you’ll need to book 10-11 months in advance and for European trips, it’s best to book 8-10 months in advance if you want to get the cheapest deals.

If you aren’t able to book this far in advance or miss the time windows, cheap fares for long-haul flights can often be found in January and February when demand is lower.

Generally, booking a holiday either one or two seasons in advance is always recommended, Lapidus says.

So if you plan to take a break in summer, start looking at flights during winter or early spring as this is when the best deals will come up.

Herts Advertiser: Booking holidays on certain days can mean you could get cheaper dealsBooking holidays on certain days can mean you could get cheaper deals (Image: Getty Images)

Be savvy when booking for peak times

School holidays are in high demand with February half-term and Easter being particularly busy as prices more than double their usual cost due to low availability.

Summer is also a busy time of the year to travel with prices starting to rise.

If you’re looking for a deal on these peak dates, December is the final month to get them as prices increase even more from January.

Those who are planning to travel without children are advised to avoid travelling during the school holidays if they can to ensure cheaper deals.

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