Name these famous glasses wearers - in association with Specsavers’ new ComFit range

A new range of glasses from Specsavers is specially designed to be the most comfortable yet

A new range of glasses from Specsavers is specially designed to be the most comfortable yet - Credit: Archant

Test your knowledge on famous glasses wearers in association with Specsavers.

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We all know how great it feels to find something that fits us perfectly – and that’s never more important than with things we wear every day, like our glasses. With many of us relying on our glasses more and more as we get older, it’s no surprise that there’s a demand for specs that not only do the job, but feel great to wear, too.

In fact, when Specsavers carried out in-depth research last summer to find out what customers over the age of 65 wanted from a pair of glasses, the number-one answer was comfort and a great fit. As a result, they’ve developed a new range, ComFit, which puts comfort and fit at its core.

“They’re the best glasses I’ve had so far,” says Anne Cooper, 75, who recently tried a new pair of ComFit glasses. “They were so comfortable! Sometimes I didn’t even realise I had them on.”

The ComFit range features cushion-like gel pads, so you can wear them all-day long without any irritation. A discreet silicon lining makes even a heavy bridge unnoticeable and extra soft arm tips are designed to stop glasses from irritating the delicate skin behind the ear. Flexible hinges provide improved durability, ideal for people who regularly take their glasses on and off.

A great fit and fashionable frames are a winning combination for Carol Bond, 72, as well. “I prefer the bridge of the nose, where it’s rounded, because they sit more snug against the nose,” she says. “And behind the ears, they sort of shoot off the ear rather than going around the ear and this is more comfortable.”

The ComFit range has 40 different styles of frame to choose from – 20 for men, and 20 for women.

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“People do want comfort, but they also want them to look attractive,” says Carol. “These are really light and comfortable – and stylish too.”

In conjunction with the new ComFit range we want to test your knowledge on celebrities and the glasses they wear. Take our quiz to find out whether you need to go to Specsavers!