'Please don't rap again', St Albans man tells Nadine Dorries in parody song

Nick Frewin and his friend created a YouTube response to MP Nadine Dorries in a Dolly Parton parody.

Nick Frewin and his friend created a YouTube response to MP Nadine Dorries in a Dolly Parton parody. - Credit: Nick Frewin

"Ditch the rap, Dorries!" is the harsh criticism for the culture secretary from two St Albans residents. 

The 65-year-old Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport  Nadine Dorries rapped last week about a bill to protect internet users from scams and illegal activity.

Graphic designer Nick Frewin, 50, said: "After having had to experience the cringe-worthy rap from Nadine last week, I felt compelled to write a satirical comeback.
"I’m not a fan of the online safety bill. I believe the way it is written is very ambiguous and it will stifle freedom of speech.

"Add to that the rules on end-to-end encryption and the pressure it places on service providers for accountability, effectively outlawing it, this is very draconian. 

"A singer friend of mine saw a meme I made using the same concept and recorded a quick and dirty version and sent it back to me. So I wrote another verse and we recorded the version you can now hear - she channels Dolly marvellously!"