Mystery photos on memory stick found in St Albans city centre

ST ALBANS: Wedding pictures and images of a newborn baby are just some of the precious content found on a memory stick on September 1 by a seven-year-old boy.

Frankie Fisher was shopping with his mum in the city when he spotted the memory stick on the floor outside Argos. Hundreds of pictures of a couple named Anthony and Karen were saved to the USB as well as pictures of a newborn baby referred to as Liam.

The couple, pictured, are seen with family and friends during and after their wedding ceremony and the pictures are dated July of this year.

Frankie and his mum contacted the Herts Advertiser as they wanted to find the owners and reunite them with their treasured snaps.

Frankie’s mum, Emma Knight, said: “We would really love the family to have these photos back as it is clear that they are precious to someone.”

If this memory stick belongs to you, or to someone you know, please contact the Herts Advertiser on 01727 865165.