Mysterious fireball in Chiswell Green?

The Shell garage on Chiswell Green roundabout

The Shell garage on Chiswell Green roundabout - Credit: Archant

A perplexed driver claims he saw a flash of fire which developed into a smoke cloud above a local petrol station earlier this week.

Andrew Ward, of Bricket Wood, was driving southbound on the A405 just after 9am on Monday when he noticed the bright “blinding flash” above what he believed to be the Chiswell Green Shell garage in Watford Road.

He added: “Immediately afterwards I and my passenger noticed a cloud of orange smoke where the flash of flame had been, slowly spreading and drifting away. But I didn’t hear any noise at all.

“I wasn’t scared, but I was a bit puzzled if anything.

“The road was extremely busy, there were lots of motorists travelling north-bound. Lots of people must have seen it.”

But a spokesman for Shell said there were no incidents at the garage, while Herts Police and the local fire brigade also said they did not have any similar reports.

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