Mysterious death of St Albans man found in pool of blood

MYSTERY surrounds the death of a wealthy St Albans man after an inquest was opened and subsequently adjourned last week to allow for more information to be obtained.

Martin Hewitt was found unconscious by a pool of blood at his Lattimore Road home by police. The 66 year old later died at Hemel Hempstead Hospital on August 6.

At an inquest last Wednesday Herts Coroner Edward Thomas said that Mr Hewitt’s death certificate had yet to released due to questions about the circumstances of his death.

According to a doctor’s report Mr Hewitt had been drinking heavily since the 1970s and had suffered from pancreatitis.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Michael Walker told the inquest that Mr Hewitt claimed he drank two bottles of wine a day and had said: “I’m a professional alcoholic, leave me alone.”

The psychiatrist had trouble assessing his mental state as he was drunk during tests.

He said that Mr Hewitt seemed dependent on alcohol and showed little intention of changing.

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When the coroner asked Dr Walker if he thought Mr Hewitt knew the drink would kill him, he replied “I am pretty sure he did”.

Mr Hewitt ran a profitable business in Turkey and often travelled there as well as hosting visitors from that country.

Dr Walker said Mr Hewitt appeared to be getting rid of his money “on purpose” as he didn’t want “the taxman, his ex-wife, or lawyers to have it”.

Mr Hewitt’s daughter reportedly contacted the police as she was worried he was vulnerable and being targeted for his money.

When Pc Shaun Woods visited him, Mr Hewitt had reportedly been drinking “but he seemed very relaxed”.

He had a Turkish lady staying who was “looking after him” but he didn’t raise any concerns to the visiting officer, who had the impression he didn’t really want him there.

Sergeant Michael Brown told the inquest that officers received a call on the night Mr Hewitt sustained his injuries from a neighbour concerned about him after his television was left on all night.

Officers found blood near a piano with an overturned stool downstairs and Mr Hewitt lying upstairs with blood coming from his head.

The lights and heating were on and a single sock was found upstairs but there was no trail of blood on the stairs or forced entry.

Mr Hewitt was taken to Watford General Hospital where he was found to have suffered a bleed on his brain, and he was put in an induced coma. He had also broken his neck.

The inquest was adjourned to allow a representative of the Scenes of Crime unit and a pathologist to provide additional information.