Call from St Albans Museum for start of Ramadan

The call was made live from St Albans town hall on the first day of Ramadan.

The call was made live from St Albans town hall on the first day of Ramadan. - Credit: The Big Iftar

As many people arise from their lockdown slumber, others are about to enter into a time of 'going without' as they enter the month of Ramadan. 

St Albans Muslims are now fasting for a month from April 14. They do not just abstain from food and drink during the Holy Month of Ramadan, but also from sex and smoking, and are encouraged to devote the extra time to prayer and reflection.

Some say it is a chance to spend being grateful for what they have and to consider the poor even more than they would usually.

To mark this, for the first time ever the call to prayer was broadcast live last night at sunset (7.58pm) from St Albans Museum + Gallery. The call is usually carried out five times daily from the mosque.

The local Big Iftar team worked with Peggy Sharpe, community engagement officer at St Albans district council, to make the event happen. 

Event organised Monir Ali said: "We are so proud to be part of this wonderful event where the St Albans Muslim community are able to share the beautiful recitation that you may have heard that you may have heard while holidaying in countries like Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and India, adding to the richness of life in our fine city.

"For the Muslim community, we hoped it helped you feel connected on the first day of our second Ramadan where we are not able to meet in our usual way."