MP Anne Main abstains from Syria vote

St Albans MP Anne Main

St Albans MP Anne Main - Credit: Archant

ST ALBANS MP Anne Main chose to abstain from the vote on Syria in Parliament yesterday (Thursday) after it was downgraded from military action to a discussion of principle.

Mrs Main decided to remain on holiday when the vote morphed into what she dubbed an “ill defined motion discussing principle” just 24 hours before the parliamentary session, but stresses she would have opposed against action had the original vote gone ahead.

The Conservative MP said: “The Prime Minister’s position shifted significantly under pressure from back benchers such as myself as he realised he did not have back bench approval for such a step.

“The motion was therefore rapidly watered down and a promise of a future vote was given for any military action.”

Mrs Main added she was unsure why David Cameron rushed to recall Parliament before UN weapons inspectors had completed their work.

She went on: “In light of the Prime Minister’s comments, despite previous assurances of a future vote, Parliament is now unsure if this vote will take place; however should this come before the House I will be voting against military action and I have maintained this position throughout.”