St Albans dads organise Movember walking event to provide support during pandemic

Alban City School dads Ron Dasgupta and Gordon Baisley are taking part in a Movember walking event.

Alban City School dads Ron Dasgupta and Gordon Baisley are taking part in a Movember walking event. - Credit: Archant

Dedicated dads have mobilised their forces to raise funds for the Movember charity.

They are holding a lockdown compliant walking event involving pairs of fathers from Alban City School heading out for a chat and a stroll with children from the same class.

Proceeds raised from the event will be split between the school and Movember, a charity which highlights men’s health on a global scale, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The walk was organised to show the dads of St Albans that they aren’t alone during this difficult period.

Organiser Ron Dasgupta said: “We’re all facing challenging times, with work, family and friends. We wanted to come together as a group and let people know, that it’s OK not to be OK. We’re a community and want to pull together in times of adversity. Men struggle to talk about these themes, especially when the pubs are closed. So lets talk about depression, addiction and pressure on men in their 30s and 40s for a change and make things better for everyone, ourselves and those around us.

“As well as raising much needed funding for Movember and Alban City School, it also gives us dads a chance to chat to another dad, at a time when we haven’t been getting out much.

“We’ve all got mates, colleagues and brothers we can’t see right now. Let’s spend 20 minutes to ask someone how life in lockdown has been and if they’re doing OK. You’d do it for a mate, let’s do it for a stranger. It’s a good way to get out of the house and more importantly, to help someone.

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“It’s not as good as a trip to the pub, but at least it’s better than a Zoom call!”

The fired-up fathers are aiming to get the walk done by the end of term, and with each dad contributing £10, have already raised over £600.

You can donate to their efforts at