Motorcyclists targeted by blitz on parking at Harpenden Station

The yellow hatched area next to the moped parking area which prevents people blocking access to the

The yellow hatched area next to the moped parking area which prevents people blocking access to the shed used by the coffee hut on platform 1 at Harpenden station - Credit: Archant

Motorcycle and scooter drivers have been left frustrated after a spate of extreme ticketing at their train station.

Drivers parking at Harpenden Station were shocked to find their motorcycles and scooters ticketed for parking in spaces they have used for years.

The limited parking at the station has prompted motorcyclists to park in hatched areas, which users claim does not obstruct pedestrians or other cars.

Alex MacDonald, 33, of Southdown, Harpenden, had been parking in the hatched area on the Platform 1 side for three years before he was ticketed for the first time in December.

Alex said: “If there was a real issue they would have ticketed me for the past three years. I also know that people have been parking there for far longer than that. It’s total nonsense.”

Alex has since been given another notice about parking in the area, alongside countless other commuters who are being ticketed daily.

“They’re now watching and waiting on a daily basis for people to park in that area” he said.

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He went on: “I could walk to the station, but for me, taking my scooter gives me that extra time in the morning and evening that means I can see my daughter to bed at night and to her childcare in the morning. That is very important to me.”

Alex said: “Whilst I cannot speak for everyone I personally would not object to paying a reasonable charge to park my motorcycle if that was necessary.

“Given that you can fit multiple motorcycles into a single car parking bay, in my view we should pay a proportionate cost to reflect this.

“But seeing as the car parking operates at near capacity, I don’t imagine that car users will support this suggested approach.”

Chris Lines, 43, of Butterfield Road, Wheathampstead, uses his scooter to drive to Harpenden station and has also fallen victim to the fines.

He said: “I have appealed both of my fines. I rang APCOA to ask what the rules were regarding parking, but no one knew.

“I even went to the station to ask and no-one could tell me.

“Now I have even started to drive St Albans station as I know there won’t be room at Harpenden.”

A spokesperson for Govia, which manages the station, said: “We have received complaints from other passengers and neighbours about the obstruction by bikes that are incorrectly parked and we have a duty to enforce regulations.

“It’s clear from the hatched areas that motorcyclists cannot leave their bikes there. There are defined areas for motorbikes and riders know where they should park and if these areas are full, bikers need to find alternative allocated space.

“The station manager has been advised of this and station staff will be re-briefed on the situation so they can advise passengers accordingly.”

She added: “Space is at a premium at Harpenden and an alternative proposal to increase motorcycle parking at the station is being considered. We do not offer bay share opportunities.”

A spokesperson for APCOA, which operates the car park, said that in the event that a motorcyclist or scooter user was unable to park in the designated motorcycle bay, they could use the general car park but would be charged the same tariff as motorists.